5 Tips For Startups To Optimize Their Social Media Presence

Social Media Optimization is a major means through which various online businesses can promote their products. Through the platform of social media, any business can directly reach their customers, interact with them, and promote their products easily. Along with that, there is a better chance for any small business, especially startups, to reach its target audience. However, while many businesses accept the importance of social media, the majority of them are unfamiliar with the required skill set for Social Media Optimization and miss major required changes through which they can easily boost their presence on any social platform.

So, Here we are going to give some easy tips through which you can easily optimize your online business for various social media platforms and easily target potential customers for conversions.

Why Social Media Optimization is Important for Any Online Business?

To understand its significance, we first need to know clearly what Social Media Optimization (SMO) is. The SMO refers to a set of skills through which you can make improvements in your social media account, enhance the reach of your post, get more followers, and have a chance to engage more people. How it can be important for a website can be understood through the fact that more followers will ultimately get your posts and updates. Through this, more people will reach your website. This creates a chance for more potential leads and, ultimately, more conversions. Following are some of the benefits that any business for social media optimization:

  • Get more quality of genuinely interested customers from social media.
  • More impressions on your products in the form of numerous followers that you have on social media.
  • Direct engagement with customers helps the business to get an actual impression of their products in front of customers.
  • Chances of getting multiple customers at once.

How to Grow Online Business Through Social Media?

Sometimes, it is the hard work of months and efforts that gives recognition to the brand, or sometimes, it is just a single post that goes viral and makes any brand famous. While the latter is rare, any reliance on it can be a lunacy. Therefore, we are here to provide you with some tips that will help you to easily promote your business on social media:

Right Thing At The Right Time

While posting high-quality content can be effective for social media optimization, it becomes more efficient when it reaches more and more people. This can be done by posting at a time when the majority of people are active on social media, which can be after office hours or in the morning. At this time, there is more probability that the post has been reached by the majority of your followers, and chances are likely that people respond to it in the form of reaction, comment, or sharing it with others.

Reliance on any social media optimization can make it more accurate based on the previous data regarding people’s engagement with your available posts.

More Engagement With The Audience Through Social Posts

The major intention of any business to be active on social media is to engage with numerous potential customers. While posting about your products can be helpful, publishing engaging posts can be a bit more helpful. Putting questions, voting polls, or other engaging content tends to create an interest in the people. All these things contribute to getting more impressions on your social media profile. Another thing you need to watch out for is posting the right amount of posts on any social platform. Take the example of Instagram, where you can post up to 3-8 posts per week, while on Linkedin, you can post up to 3 posts, which will still be effective on the conditions that they should be informative.

Enhance Your Content

Not only posting about your products and services but posting something with genuinely interesting content related to the field of products you are selling will also add up to create a positive impression in front of the audience. Posting relevant content regarding recent updates, technological advancements, or any other data involving some market research can genuinely create an interest in front of the target audience.

Take A Brief Look At Your Profile

A well-optimized profile for the targeted customer can play a crucial role in social media optimization. A relevant post, along with an effective description of your business, can help you get the trust of the targeted customer looking for a specific product.

Use various measures and tactics to make your social profile more attractive in front of customers. One major way to do that is posting in a Carousel format where you combine various images or videos into a slideshow that will engage more audience. Another form of carousel is combining various images & posting them into a single ad, which can be attractive in front of numerous customers. Making several improvements in your social account can also boost your social media profile performance. Some of the measures you can take to improve your bio are:

  • Provide correct information/description regarding your business in minimum words.
  • Provide updated contact information like phone number and physical location.
  • Add specific keywords in your bio and your posts. While creating a profile, you can add these keywords to your username.
  • Add details regarding your website, landing page, or link to your purchase of your most famous product.


Putting the right hashtags relevant to your products or the targeted audience can automatically enhance the online reach of a single post. Hashtag is a common practice that even normal social media users try in the hope of getting their post viral on the internet. The following practices can be applied while using a hashtag:

  • Use only 3-4 hashtags on one post. Using so many hashtags can be considered irrelevant.
  • Use only relevant hashtags specific to the products and services. This might limit your post reach, but it will be up to the potential customers only, from which there is a better chance of conversion.
  • While posting anything, make sure you tag your account in the caption along with the hashtag.

Which Social Media Is Better For Business

Numerous social platforms are available on the internet. Based on the audience and the type of content you are posting (image, text, video, reel), you can find various platforms where you can easily promote your business. Some common social media places where you can easily reach numerous targeted audience includes:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit and YouTube

Based on the audience you want to target or the content you are posting, you can create your profile and post specific engaging posts for your audience.

Can Social Media And Online Companies Share My Information With Anyone

Data plays a crucial role nowadays, especially online. With so many users visiting and registering on different websites, there is a chance that your data and personal information might be compromised by other third parties who might utilize it for the wrong purposes.

Making It Short And Simple

The utilization of social media by various online businesses to promote their products has played a major role in the growth of many startups. Especially in a country like India with so many active social media users, social media can play a big role in influencing the sales growth of any business. Businesses can also take the assistance of any social media marketing agency in India, through which they can easily boost their social presence and utilize the remaining in other operations.