Essential Guidelines to Get a CA Real Estate License

Working as a realtor in CA is a dream job for many people. The diverse range of properties and market potential make California one of the best places to work as a realtor. Competition can be stiff, but with grit, you can make a good career selling and managing properties in LA, San Francisco, or Oakland.

You need a realtor’s license before you can help families, tourists, or retirees find their dream home. Worry not because this guide has you covered. Herein, we cover all the steps to make the process successful and turn your dreams into reality.

What Are the Requirements?

Regarding age, you must be 18 or above. You also need a high school diploma or equivalent. A clean record with no felony charges will also put you in good standing.

You don’t have to be a state resident to become a realtor in California. However, the state doesn’t offer reciprocity, meaning that you must take and pass the state examination to get a working license. Your academic credentials from another state can be transferred, allowing you to bypass the pre-licensing program.

Tackle the Pre-Licensing Coursework

You must finish the 135-hour course recommended by the state. This program is offered in DRE-approved institutions. The coursework covers diverse topics including office administration, property management and appraisal, business law, and computer applications in real estate, among others.

You have to decide which option of study suits you best. Do you prefer studying online or attending physical classes? Each option has its pros and cons, but online programs like RealEstateU offer more flexibility, which can be a plus for those with busy schedules.

Narrow down your list of schools and compare the fees. Some schools offer bundled packages, making the total cost cheaper. Don’t get caught in the fallacy that expensive is always best. Review the study plans and course curriculum before enrolling.

Take the Real Estate Exam

After you have finished the pre-licensing coursework, your next hurdle is sitting for the state exam. It is a stage that many students fear, especially if they have been out of the education system for a long time.

Allocate ample time to prepare for the exam. Check out your local library for exam preparation materials. Better yet, you can purchase an exam prep package that comes with mock exams, quizzes, and flashcards to help you familiarize yourself with the test.

Licensing and Background Check

This is your last hurdle towards becoming a realtor in CA. You must get your fingerprint collected for a background check before sending in your license application. Your license will be processed and mailed to you after review and approval.

Once you get your license, it is still inactive until you find a sponsoring broker. Getting a broker will activate your license, allowing you to engage in realty business. It is always advisable to get a sponsoring broker early on to avoid sitting out for a long time.

Summing Up

The journey to getting your license requires dedication and hard work. Invest time studying and researching to boost your chances of passing the main exam. Don’t forget to build a solid network with your peers in the industry.